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If you could send a capsule into space, what would your message to other life be? For the sake of planet Earth, I propose that extraterrestrial life should avoid divulging in any chit-chat and polish us off. Complete with serving suggestions, my beginners package to world domination contains a leaflet – to get the folks on board – recipe book – to get them started with the new flavours – and a set off two aprons – to stay clean AND look sharp whilst eradicating an entire species.
Recipe Book

My instinct is to rip the head off any living lifeform I see, but as a member of the Vegaliens, this proves a moral dilemma. This programme is the perfect compromise – I get to feast on the blood of the innocent with my morality still in tact!

Glib Glob

I’m not ashamed of saying I’m a complete savage, so the programme was a no brainer for me. I went for the intermediate package (got more bodies for my buck) and the delivery was super quick – BONUS!


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